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I previously discussed working with backlinks with my last post on SocialAdr. We can see at this point there are some benefits to using social indexing sites and backlinks. To summarise my previous post: I like using social indexing sites and backlink tools to help bolster the backlinks that support my own websites. I choose not to use them to boost my website’s power as they can be detrimental to the website’s success. SocialAdr is a good tool for this but so is Socialmonkee. Socialmonkee is an easy to use platform that I highly recommend investing in. You can get hold of a copy: here

Unlike SocialAdr, you pay a small lifetime fee to SocialMonkee. A lifetime subscription to the service is $7.00 which is absolutely fantastic value. Your lifetime membership will allow you to submit one URL link to 25 sites daily. I highly recommend using the 14 day drip feed for the best results. These 25 back links will make a decent difference to your backlinks.

Socialmonkee: How it works

Socialmonkee works in mysterious ways. It builds backlinks to your chosen URLs and allows you to read reports and check the backlinks at higher payment plans. When submitting a link to Socialmonkee you are going to need to know a little about Spintax. Spinning is the process of taking a chunk of text, and adding variables to the output. I will probably do a proper post on it soon. There are many free text spinners out there on the internet and I use http://www.bestfreespinner.com/ effectively. It gives you a few spins per day which is enough to handle Socialmonkee easily.

You get the option to submit an URL. I recommend that any URL you submit should only be a backlink that leads to your website. This means no direct links to your website. My reasoning for this is that the backlinks that Socialmonkee creates are poor, however they can be used to give support to a weak link that links to your website. So if the link isn’t ranking, it’s a great one to back up with Socialmonkee’s backlinks, as a few of those will give it some presence. (You can use programs like SEMrush and Moz Bar to see the page and domain authority of your website!)

We then have to use spintax for the title and for the body of the message.

Here’s an example of a title: {Fantastic Software|Software by Fantasoft|SEO By Fantasoft|Business Clips}

Now if we put that in: Any of the 4 titles are chosen for each individual submission on Socialmonkee. So it could read Business Clips or Fantastic Software or either of the other two. The dividers | are used to place between the titles so you can write up your information. In the same way you can spin your body.

Here’s an example of body using spintax: I rode my {pony|dragon|horse} into town, I like to see my parents {frown|dressed as clowns}  when I wear my {dressing gown|golden crown} So it could turn out with: “I rode my dragon into town I like to see my parents dressed as clowns when I wear my dressing gown” is one of the many combinations. Spinning is really useful in this way because it means that the backlinks will have different varying information.

Upgrading Socialmonkee to Premium, and Beyond – Is it worth it?

Socialmonkee offers several upgrade packages which all stack on top of the other. Once you’ve got your lifetime membership and your 1 URL to submit per day, you’re on the path forward to making your backlinks stronger. You can also submit an URL once every 6 weeks! I found one URL per day to be very restricting, as I release a lot of different videos on Business Clips!

I quickly decided to upgrade to the Premium service, which allows for 3 URLS to be submitted a day, providing 100 backlinks per URL. This is 12 times the amount of backlinks I was getting as a lifetime or ‘silver’ member. Now the premium service does have a cost of $47 annually but it also comes several benefits such as Full Link Reports, RSS Feeds and a 14 day drip feed. The drip feed is really good because it slows down the growth of the URL you’re supporting. This makes it look a little less spammy to Google and other search engines.

Then we have the Elite Service, which gives us an amazing 150 backlinks to 3 URLS! This is 18 times the backlinks you’d get as silver. This is absolutely crazy! It comes at an additional $57 per year, which can be a hefty price. It comes with a lot of extras though. Re-submissions to websites are now once every two rather than six weeks. You get to choose the number of different sites for your submissions and a drip feed of 30 days! Your backlinks will also be pinged through Linklicious and a link script. This guarantees that the links are crawled by Google’s crawlers and adds value as they’re indexed.

There is also the ambassador feature which has many more benefits. I have not however played with the ambassador feature so I cannot recommend it honestly. It seems to be brilliant, but I’m currently happy with what I have! Ambassador gives you the power to: Submit one more URL per day, with 25 more PR backlinks with each submission! You can also resubmit urls every 3 days which can lead to a massive host of backlinks! I wouldn’t really use this feature, but I reckon it’s great for directories. Your backlinks are auto pinged through lindexed and you get access to a private Facebook group. Whilst these seem absolutely great, and I could use the extra URL per day, Ambassador costs $19.97 per month, and I’m not ready for that kind of commitment!

To summarise on Socialmonkee 

I would never advise using Socialmonkee to get your personal website to rank. I have used it successfully to help a local directory to rank, because the way a directory works is very different from a normal business website. As always I recommend it as a source to give your weak or useless back-links some power so that they provide a higher overall value to your business.

As I mentioned before you can get hold of a copy: here! Please heed my advice and use it to strengthen your backlinks rather than your website. Too many bad backlinks leading into your website can cause more harm than good, but using this software in the way I do will be beneficial to your business and your SEO.