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backlink superclusters

Today I’m going to go into detail on how you can use Backlink Superclusters in order to increase your presence on the internet. When it comes to your website’s SEO, backlinks are important. There are many SEO specialists who believe that the more backlinks your website has the stronger it will be in terms of SEO. This is not always the case. In fact having a huge amount of poor quality backlinks going to your site can have catastrophic consequences.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is basically another website that links back to you. Backlinks vary in strength depending on a number of varying factors. If the site linking to you is a quality website with good content, the backlink will usually be beneficial. If however the backlink is a poor one then it can actually damage your site’s ranking. As we’re here to increase our ranking, we need to tread carefully. There are many sites which can create backlinks to your website, but not all of them are useful for direct use.

How do I build backlinks?

I use both Socialmonkee and SocialAdr to create backlinks, before using them you should finish reading this blog. You can get them here:
Get Socialmonkee: here
Get SocialAdr: here
I recommend that you never use these programs to build a direct link to your website. Both Socialmonkee and SocialAdr build poor quality backlinks. This doesn’t mean they’re useless though. I will explain how to use them effectively later once I have explained the concept of Backlink Superclusters.

Creating Backlink Superclusters

I have been developing the idea of Backlink Superclusters for quite some time now. A Supercluster is a large group of small galaxy clusters. Galaxies are made up of thousands of millions of stars. Backlink Superclusters work on a much smaller scale but they work from a similar perspective of growth.

We want a situation where your website is supported by powerful backlinks, and they are made powerful by having backlinks of their own. The Supercluster is the system that supports your site, the galaxies that make it up are the sites supporting it and the solar systems that build them up are backlinks to those sites. Let’s go through this in a Three Stage Plan!

Stage 1: Your Website

Your website is about your business and as such should be the best place to find it on the internet. There are several ways in which you can make your website powerful with onsite SEO techniques. I will go into these at some point in the future. As long as you keep adding decent quality content to the website, it will probably do well. Stage 1 is all about maintaining a good website. You can do this by maintaining a good blog, sharing out to social media and by using relevant keywords.

Stage 2: Supportive Backlinks from other Websites

For this you have two options. The first, easiest option is to find free directories and get your website added to them. Free directories usually have relatively poor SEO and usually don’t rank well. These are ideal for using poor quality backlinks to support as their page value is usually low. An influx of poor quality backlinks backing up a directory post will give it a slightly higher presence. This is where you CAN use Socialmonkee and SocialAdr. If you use them to support the directory post, it will give the post presence without directly affecting your website.

The second and harder option is to get people to link back to your website. Let’s say for example, you run a local carpentry business that supplies a crafts shop. You can contact them and ask them to link back to your business through their website. As you supply them, they will probably be fine with it! If however you run a business that has no affiliation, people will be unlikely to link back to you. Socialmonkee and SocialAdr should NOT be used on these, or your website.

Stage 3: Backlinks To Your Backlinks

In Stage 2, we talked about using Directories. We don’t just want to help our website, but also the people who are good enough to link back to us, so this is where directories come into play. Let’s say you sign up your site to 5 local directories with your website. This will provide a very small amount of benefit. Directories generally have low SEO as the information on them tends to be poor. This information is sloppy, copy pasted or too short for good SEO purposes.

You can ALSO sign up the sites of the people who are linking back to you which I mentioned in Stage 2. This will add value to their website and increase the power of yours by proxy.

The key to success is to utilise programs like SocialAdr and Socialmonkee on the directories. The directories are not powerful in themselves as they are not generally dedicated to niche information. When you add backlinks to the directories, even if they are poor, they will increase the value of the directory pages linking back to you. The 100 backlinks drip feed over 14 days by Socialmonkee is really useful for this. The drip feed puts the links up at different times, meaning that the backlinks don’t all go up at once. This is a more natural flow, and it even benefits the directories, so everyone’s a winner!

How Does the Flow Work?

The flow is fairly simple: Your website is supported by directories and other websites. These other websites are also supported by directories. All the directory links you support with Socialmonkee and SocialAdr. These form the Backlink Superclusters I mentioned earlier. The flow should look like this.

Backlinks from Socialmonkee/SocialAdr > Directories > Your Website

Backlinks from Socialmonkee/SocialAdr > Directories > Supporting websites > Your Website

There are many different programs which you can use to set up backlinks to directories. I mainly use Socialmonkee and SocialAdr because they are the ones I’ve had the best success with.