Making Links

There are many reasons to make links back to your website, the main one being that the more links that link back to you, the more valuable your site looks when Google scans the internet. Google will prioritise websites which have a high amount of back links coming in from different sources. Usually these websites are High Value websites because a lot of places link back to them.

The value of back links also changes depending on the quality of the website linking back to you. You can find out the value of websites by making an account on and adding Moz Bar to chrome. Your site will not update instantly, but it should update once a month, so don’t be discouraged if your page and domain authority don’t shoot up instantly.

I’m leaving out the obvious back links from the most popular Social Media sites and back links. Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, Twitter etc are useful for back links. Most businesses use these anyway, and it’s likely you are probably already using them!



Newgrounds has been on the internet for many years. Boasting a huge page and domain authority, it’s a great place to get a good back link. This website will allow us to add up to 10 back link websites when we create a profile. This is exceptionally good for people who run SEO for one or more websites. More back links can be added in news posts which you can write on the site, which means that you can easily use it to boost SEO for your clients. Just write a short blog on them and link to their site! It couldn’t be easier!

Newgrounds is a site for people who produce content usually in the form of flash cartoons, games or audio/music. It’s a great site for creatives, and if you’re a composer a good place to put your music to be used by other people. This can also help get you known in your field. Setting up a Newgrounds account is very simple and has an easy verification process.



Indiegogo is a website dedicated to helping independent companies finance projects. Films, Games, pretty much anything can be launched on Indiegogo. It’s also a great tool to use to get some back links. Signing up is easy if you have a Facebook account. You access your profile at the top right of the website. We go to profile then in the black bar, we choose Edit Profile. Adding your site is easy. Indiegogo is an incredibly useful site if you’re trying to get a budget for something so I highly recommend looking into it if you’re working for a business which is creative.



Soundcloud is a fantastic website for musicians, sound engineers and voice actors. I’ve used Soundcloud for many years and it’s always been reliable and high quality. The idea is to upload music in high quality format for listening and download purposes. Making an account is relatively easy. Once you’re done you can get access to your account profile and get some links set up.

When you’re on your profile, to the right side of your screen you should see an Edit function under your header. Click here, and it will allow you to add links to sites you want people to see. Commenting on the work of others is always good if you don’t have any original sounds or music to upload.



The purpose of Instructables is to help other people with your knowledge. If you really like assisting others, it could be the site for you! You can either write or respond to a few articles to give your account some backbone. To add your website, once you’ve signed up, click on the profile picture in the header and go to profile, flesh out your profile and add a link to your website. Signing up for Instructables is easy because you can do it through Facebook!



Quora is a site where people ask and answer questions. Once you’ve signed up for your account, you can add the links to your site into your profile description. Posting links to your site as responses to people will get your account flagged and goes against their terms of service, however responding to a few answers here and there will mean your account is pretty valid. You can also ask questions on Quora and people will respond to you. Not everyone on the site is an expert but they are a fantastic community who try hard to be helpful.



Hubpages is a website where people write about their passions. Once you’ve completed the sign up process, make sure you verify your email, then you’ll be able to complete your profile and add your website information. As with most sites, it’s always good to make one decent article, so that people will be able to find you and your site. This will usually be around 700 words so it should be pretty easy! Hubpages is an excellent site and has a good reputation and large user base so it’s ideal for back links!



Colourlovers is a site dedicated to colour and inspiration. It is a strange site for sure, but you can get quite a lot of inspiration here if you’re into art and design. Once you’ve created your account, it’s a simple matter of going to your profile and adding your Website URL.



There are many local directories that can help you increase your website’s back links. Not all of them are free and not all of them are useful. Yelp is an example of a brilliant local directory to list your business in. Signing up is easy, and you can even add your business so people can find you easy. In your personal profile, which you can access at the top right of the header, go to account settings. There you can add up to two websites.

If you choose to add your business to the website you can also get a back link from the business profile page. To sign up as a business owner click: here. Signing up can be useful because people do go on Yelp to look for and rate businesses. People can even find you through Yelp so it’s definitely a useful tool! One important thing to note: Don’t leave negative reviews on your rivals’ pages, this can lead to a termination of your account if you are reported.

Directories in General

Directories are usually decent places to get back links, but not all of them are free, and not all of them give high quality results. You can usually judge the quality of a website for back linking purposes from the Moz tool bar which will give you the basic page and domain authority offered by a website. I would never recommend paying for a back link from any directory, as it’s always good to save money. What you should look for is a decent PA and DA (Page Authority and Domain Authority) when choosing a website for back linking purposes.

PA and DA

Here’s an example of the PA and DA of Facebook. Both are high and indicate that Facebook is an excellent place to have a back link from. Other websites usually have a PA and DA which hover between 12 and 28. I recommend focusing on getting your back links from websites with a PA and DA which are over 38, and from that point onward, these links become more and more powerful. It becomes progressively harder to increase PA and DA. It’s relatively easy to get a PA and DA of over 10, however every time you increase after this point, it becomes more and more challenging, meaning it’s much harder to go from 35 to 36 than it is to get from 18 to 24.

To get a copy of the Moz Bar for chrome, click: here