About Fantasoft

Foundation and Incorporation

I started Fantasoft in 2018 shortly after designing my successful Business Clips Software. Business Clips is a Localised off site SEO back-linking service. It works from the idea of:  The power of the many outweighs the power of the few. I spent several years developing it and fine tuning the software to get it to a point where I was happy with the results every time. I was working as a social media manager for several years and designed Business Clips to help benefit my customer’s websites. Most of the time it was hard to help customers as they were not helpful when it came to working together.

Working with Restaurants and Small Businesses in Colchester

Not all customers could or would let me into the back end of their websites. This was usually down to a lack of access or trust in the early stages of our relationship. Most of my customers are restaurants, and I live in a town hugely populated by them. Colchester has over 350 restaurants and takeaways in the town centre alone.

I had two options: One, I could either refuse to assist my customers, or Two, I could come up with a new solution. Not wanting to give in, I chose to work on designing a system that could help. My research at that point told me that video was one of the most powerful marketing tools on the internet. Working from that standpoint, I developed Business Clips entirely around video and video uploads.

Back-Links and Badness

There are many different pieces of software designed to create a plethora of back-links to your website. Whilst many of them sound fantastic there is much ambiguity as to their overall effectiveness. A lot of websites find themselves penalised by Google and other search engines if they have an overabundance of spam back-links.

It made sense to me to create a platform which supplied strong, powerful local back-links. Initially I thought perhaps creating a directory would be good. Upon doing some research however, I found that many directories seemed to be penalised by Google. I then realised that the best way to do well in Google’s eyes was to use a combination of Google supported software.

As YouTube and Google+ are both owned by Google, they seemed like a fantastic starting point. I’ve been an avid YouTuber for many years, and love the platform, so it was ideal for me to use it as a starting point.

I find that a lot of businesses tend to ignore Google+ especially new startups. This can be detrimental to the presence of their websites.

Business Clips and Video

YouTube is one of the most amazing video resources on the internet. It’s been around since February 2005 and has a huge follower base that continues to grow every day. Google currently owns YouTube and has done since 2006, and is cleverly integrated into Google+ which makes it great for SEO!

I designed Business Clips so that anyone who signs up is supported by everyone else in the system. This applies to new and old customers too! Everyone who is a part of it benefits from everyone else, and no one suffers as a result. I designed it so that as Business Clips grows stronger, everyone feels the benefits!

I shoot all my clips in high quality BBC broadcast standard then I process the video, and upload each one individually to YouTube. The videos are all tagged prioritising the business niche of the company I’m shooting them for. I then add information to the video, supplied by my customers, along with a link to their website, my website, and the website of any other companies involved in us working together.

What Makes Business Clips Unique?

Whilst a lot of people would say that anyone could set up a platform like this, there are some things that make Business Clips more complicated. I integrate Business Clips with IFTTT multiple times. This means that all the videos I upload go out onto a massive network. The massive network of IFTTT accounts supporting Business Clips make up about 5% of it’s effectiveness and took me two years to set up. My Helix software does most of the work. As far as I know there is no software like it in the entire world!

I also use what I call Back-Link Super Clusters to support videos that are not successful. By adding the Back-Links to individual under performing videos, I can at least give them some power and value. It’s better to have something than nothing.

I have now been running Business Clips successfully as a side project for two years.

Why Fantasoft?

I chose the name Fantasoft as it’s one close to my heart. I grew up playing games designed by a company of the same name. Sadly the original Fantasoft stopped developing games a long time ago. Not wanting to tread on any toes I contacted one of the old directors, Sean Sayrs. I let him know that I intended to start up a software company and asked if I could use the name. He was enthusiastic about me carrying on the name which made my day!