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If you are looking to get started online with your business, we offer a unique online setup plan with a supportive yearly fee, aimed mainly to help small business owners and sole traders get started. As a small and growing business ourselves, we understand that a digital presence has become a necessary party of running a business. We handle the hosting of the sites we build and provide all the required on page SEO that most companies neglect to add as part of our service. To find out more, click here!

Business Clips is one of the most advanced unique SEO tools available. Using a combination of Video, YouTube, IFTTT and our Helix Networking Software, Business Clips will increase your chances of being found online on any search engine!

At Fantasoft, we believe that Facebook is the most powerful marketing tool in the world. Whilst we are capable of running many different forms of Social Media, we believe that Facebook is always the best way of getting new customers to your business!

Fantasoft was founded in order to develop software and games. We work with many different people across the world, and have experience developing press kits and getting games up on websites such as IndieDB and Mobygames!

Alex O'Neil

Alex O'Neil

Digital Marketing Executive

I am a digital marketing executive with vast experience working in all different aspects of marketing. I specialise in working with restaurants and have helped run many successful campaigns for them. I mainly work at SEO, Web Design, Blog Writing, Social Media, Photography, Filmography, Facebook Advertising and Google Advertising.

Caraway Brasserie – Ilford

www.carawaybrasserie.co.uk I filmed this video for Ramesh Jain and The Grand Hospitality Ltd. over four days working in and around the kitchen and main restaurant. The video was then cut together and edited to a soundtrack which I developed for my client over the next week. I also took many photographs which they use on their website and social media!

Advertise at Tesco Stores all over the UK through our friends at Open Space Advertising! Tesco are the number 1 store in the UK, and Open Space Advertising can get your business on their massive information boards! 

From the highly customisable Wix to the tried and tested WordPress, we have experience working with all manner of web design software. We can construct a website for absolutely any business and for any target audience!

Is your PC or Laptop on the blink? Is it running slower than normal? If so maybe we can help, just drop off your computer and we’ll see if we can get it functioning correctly! We only charge what YOU think the service is worth! (T&Cs Apply!)

How to Spot a Dodgy SEO Specialist

First of all: What is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. In layman's terms, it's how well your site will show up in search results. SEO takes many different forms, from onsite SEO, wherein someone goes onto your website, sorts out metadata and title tags,...

Locally Approved

Locally Approved is a powerful business directory that excels in providing services and business recommendations within the UK, currently serving Colchester and Tendring. Unlike other directories, Locally Approved has a zero favoritism policy, randomising their search...

What are backlinks and how to they help me?

A lot of internet marketers throw the term “Backlinks” around. In their most simple form, Backlinks are simply websites that link back to you. The strength of the backlinks that link to your website can differ greatly depending on a number of different...

Registering a Domain Name and SSL Certificate on Namecheap

The domain name is your website address. www.fantasoft.co.uk is ours. This applies to .co.uk, .uk, .club, and other extensions. Registering a domain name for your website or blog is a fairly simple process. You usually purchase your domain from a domain registrar. By...

What are SSL Certificates And Why Do I Need One?

An SSL certificate’s purpose is to encrypt the data between the browser of a visitor to a website and the web server which hosts it. Any data that is passed between these two sources is encrypted and protected. You might notice that in the address bar in...

A newbie’s guide to GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR came into legal effect on the 25th of May 2018. It exists to protect people’s data and give people better control over what other people and companies can do with their personal data. The General Data Protection...

Hootsuite, Buffer and other Mass Scheduling Tools

As business owners, we all want our company to look it's best online. Looking good is integral to business because if your business and advertising is slick, your business looks good. Potential clients are more likely to be impressed by a business that looks efficient...

Speedier Scheduling on Facebook

Most people ask themselves at some point weather or not there's an easier way to schedule your posts. Good news! There is! Anyone who's running their own Facebook page will know the standard routine for posting. We enter the page and scroll down a little and get the...

Just Eat – Eating Up Your Profits

I have spoken before about my distaste for Just Eat. I live in a town massively populated with restaurants with 150 restaurants in the Town Centre alone. 350 restaurants, pubs, and takeaways all in all. Quite a few of the businesses in Colchester use Just Eat. I don't...

The Up-Sell

  If you've ever been to an Indian restaurant and had a good waiter, you might not even realise you're being up-sold to. You enter into the restaurant, and sit down, and the waiter comes along and offers you water. You say "Yes please!" The waiter nods, and asks you...
Alex has run several highly successful marketing campaigns for our restaurants in Romford and Ilford, he has also used his video clips to boost my website up in search rankings! We’re now ranking high on Page 1 for numerous search terms including the word caraway! Thank you!!! Ramesh Jain

CEO, The Grand Hospitality Ltd

Alex O’Neil videoed a short workshop I ran for a joint client. I was impressed with his knowledge, efficiency and finished result. This led me to work further with Alex and he has recently completed a technically challenging project for me with which I am delighted. I can recommend Alex for his breadth of experience, willingness and expertise. Paula Ruane

CEO, www.paularuane.com

Hi Alex and team, Thanks for the great and quick service that you provided for me with enhancing my website , I have had two comments already and will be using your services again very soon, thanks again , highly recommended Regards Spud Fisher

CEO, Skipbag Direct

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