Levy & Co Solicitors

Levy & Co Solicitors provide an exceptional service, and I have seen firsthand their expertise as they have represented me not only when I was unjustly charged of a crime I had not committed, but they also worked incredibly hard at trying to help me when it came to trying to arrange to see my son. They are dedicated and highly trained and went beyond what I could have expected. I have worked with them for several years, and they have always performed admirably. I reached out to them after they had helped me and ended up being their web designer. 

They provide first class criminal defense, including police station representation, and I’d recommend them to anyone having experienced their quality of service firsthand. 

Dragontech IT Services INC

DragonTech IT Services are my go to company when it comes to having IT issues. Whilst they’re based in Chattanooga Tennessee, their ability to provide first rate IT support and assistance is truly outstanding. They have managed to provide solutions and helped fix one of my computers that had been set up wrong by fixing many of the errors plaguing it. They provide the highest quality of internet security and their dragonwing business manager is exceptional and well worth the money. I work for them as a web designer, consultant and SEO specialist. 

Things to Do in Franchises

Things to do in Franchises is the brainchild of Paul Nash. They provide one of the best internet directory services in the world, and compared to other companies like Yell, they are definitely superior. Offering strong do-follow backlinks at an affordable price from every custom built page they create for their customers, they do what few directories are capable of and actually benefit their clients by providing one of the highest quality SEO services I have seen. If you want to appear in your local search results, Things to do in websites will help you localise your business and increase traffic. Conquering local traffic search terms, they are one of the best ways for your business to show up locally in search results, something that will benefit you even if your website is new and lacks domain authority. After the rebuild of their platform, they have only achieved better results for their clients and the more they expand, the more powerful they become, which benefits every single customer. 

Aisha Cahn

Aisha Cahn is a UK based artist who creates fantastic artworks in her London studio. She focuses on making original spiritual artworks using a wide variety of techniques and her skills are absolutely incredible. Aisha completely transformed my business and helped me when I was first starting out, not only by being one of my first clients, but by giving me the advice I needed to survive.