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Service: Network Add
Price: £50.00 per Network
Client: Vloggers – YouTubers – Small Businesses – Large Businesses
Description: I will add your YouTube channel to one of my IFTTT hubs and give you 5 tags to choose from in your niche. Every video you upload isshared out to all the different locations attached to the hub. The tags are applied to accounts like Tumblr so that people looking for your video can find it easier. Each share will link back to the original video as it will be embedded. Each of these backlinks will improve your video’s SEO and give it a higher chance of being seen. I will add 3 more tags for a £15.00 additional charge per account. Each of my networks is supported by Helix Lite.

Service: Construction of IFTTT Network
Price: £1000.00
Client: Small Businesses – Large Businesses
Description: I will construct an IFTTT Network for your YouTube Channel, with accounts for Gmail, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pocket, WordPress and Blogger. I will then interlink the accounts using custom applets. Where possible I will link your individual accounts back to your main website. I can connect Facebook and Twitter to your network, though I strongly advise against it. I cannot make Facebook or Twitter accounts for this process as creating accounts for other people goes against their terms of service. Once it’s completed the network will belong to you and I will hand over all account details. Every network I create is supported by Helix Lite.

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I have talked about IFTTT in my previous blog. If This Then That is a free software which allows you to create applets which follow a process of: If you perform an action, another action is performed as a result. There’s a little lag time between follow up actions being performed, however, it still makes life a lot easier.

Whilst IFTTT is a free platform, my time is expensive in terms of creating accounts. To properly set up a functioning network takes days of work. Whilst I highly recommend people making their own accounts and setting them up their own way, it makes a difference when everything is set up properly. In regards to my Network Add service, I keep prices low because I’m happy to help people and it’s not too complicated to set up. The Network Add service is a cheap way to get added to an IFTTT network without having to spend days struggling through account creation issues.