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Getting To Grips With Business Clips!

Business Clips is the primary physical service we run at Fantasoft. Designed to capitalise on the huge power of video and YouTube, Business Clips is a unique service which provides offsite SEO support to your website. Unlike link farms and other dodgy forms of black-hat SEO, Business Clips likes to keep things open and clean, meaning you will never be punished or penalised for using the service.

Business Clips performs in a much different way than any SEO company, due to the software we use and our unique style of ranking. We use video and a complicated network of processes in order to make sure that your site starts increasing in rank within a month. Cost wise, purchasing Business Clips for your company easily beats hiring a full time SEO specialist to build up your website’s ranking. We are also happy to help you with any queries you might have about your site’s SEO, and helping to get it ranked.

Unlike a specialist, our services are a permanent fixture, meaning they will always be there to support and back your website up. These videos will not be taken down for any reason, and will always exist to support your company. The service acts in the background constantly providing support to your website so you don’t need to worry about getting ranked anymore, so for a cheap one time payment, you can have permanent support from our ever growing network!

Here are a few of the benefits:

  1. Your business is supported by every other company involved with Business Clips, and supports them all in turn.
  2. Your business website is constantly supported by our Helix Networking Software, meaning it will perform better in search results on all search engines.
  3. The videos uploaded to Business Clips can be tagged relating to your business. Our Helix Networking Software makes sure your video’s tags will help it rank in Google, helping your website to rank for these key words.
  4. The Helix Networking Software bonds all the videos on our channel together, helping them support each other, increasing their ability to rank.
  5. Each video about your company links back to your website, so people can find you through video search.

We are aware that for some small businesses and companies, it can be expensive to pay so much for a service. We are happy with payments over time and even giving discounts, as we have to several of the companies we’ve worked with. If you are interested in Business Clips, send us a message: here

Service: Business Clips
Price: £2000.00 + Travel and Accommodation.
Client: Small Businesses – Large Businesses
Description: Business Clips is a unique service designed to provide White Hat offsite SEO for your company’s website. It provides a safe source of back links directly related to your business supported by an ever growing network of different businesses who are all signing up with the Business Clips system.

To order the Business Clips service for your company, please click: here!

Business Clips and YouTube

I designed Business Clips with YouTube as a creative Hub. It was a good decision to integrate  Business Clips with Google+ which is really beneficial for business ranking in Google and on other search engines in order to get the videos to rank quickly and efficiently. I have also integrated it with IFTTT and it has a lot of strength provided by a huge constructed network of sites which support it.

Each Supercluster supports every individual video uploaded onto my channel. There’s a lot more to putting video clips through Business Clips though. With Business Clips I upload high quality Broadcast Standard clips of your business. Each clip is tagged relating to your business means that anyone viewing the clips is specifically looking for your business. Customers can choose a whole list of keywords which they want to try and rank under. I add all of these into the system.

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What do the clips do?

Each clip is back-linked to your website and contains tags relating to your industry in the local area, including your business name so it can be easily found. As we can tag each clip with keywords relating to the business and the local niche, we can get the clips to rank easily in the videos section of Google. This is guaranteed not only by my IFTTT networks but by my unique Helix Networking Software.

As the videos rank highly in google, they provide good quality backlinks to your business and website. At the same time they also represent your company in a high quality format. When it comes to tagging videos, I cannot tag other company names or competitor’s brands, as this would defeat the honest white hat style which I pride this service on.

All in all, my integrations with IFTTT and my Backlink Superclusters make up about 5% of what I feel comfortable talking about when it comes to the process of making Business Clips work. It’s a combination of my knowledge, experience and specialist Helix software that does the other 90% The unique selling point of Business Clips is that it’s a unique service, and that’s why it’s valuable. It’s taken me about two years of my life to build, and I am constantly improving the service.

The Power of the Many

Business Clips is built around the idea that whilst we alone are weak, together we are stronger. My idea was to unite companies in a way in which everyone could support each other whilst not having to do any of the networking themselves. I have integrated Business Clips in a way which means that every single video that gets uploaded onto the platform helps support the other videos and other companies who have signed up. This means that when you join the network, you will have the support of every other company on the network. As an additional bonus will also have the support of every person who ever joins Business Clips in the future. I will also never remove a customer from Business Clips so once you join, you join for life!

So what does it cost?

Currently I am comfortable selling Business Clips for £2000.00 plus travel and accommodation. You can fill in a request form for me to contact you: here – It’s not an unreasonable price as the cost of a competent employee to manage website SEO per month would cost at least £1000.00 per month. As Business Clips is a constant function and a lasting solution, as long as YouTube and Google+ hold up. Over time, this is a great cheap way to keep your ranking high. You will be assisted by new companies joining Business Clips, and the older companies which I’ve been working with for a while.

Do my Videos need to get views to be successful?

No. Views are always nice and show an interest in your company from people who have been actively looking for it. The videos themselves don’t have to be viewed because it’s how they rank that matters. Each view on the channel helps very slightly with the process of getting things ranked. It’s not however important for the videos themselves to get views. It’s their position when they rank that benefits you and your site.

Can I send in my own videos?

I would love to accept any videos being sent in to me by potential customers as it would save me time and energy. Sadly, for Business Clips to retain the quality standard which sets it apart from other services therefore I need to make sure that I take the footage personally. It is important to retain the broadcast quality standard on the channel, and I don’t want the channel to get a copyright strike for any reason. If the footage happens to belong to someone who isn’t filming the footage themselves, this could be a problem and I need to protect all my customers, and prioritise their investment.

Can you make an advert for my company?

Yes, I can. If you want me to make an advert out of the footage I take, I don’t mind putting one together for you for a small fee which you can arrange with me: here. I can even score the advert if you would like as I have a long history as a composer for independent Films and Games. We can also make an advert separately with you for a fixed agreed price which will heavily depend on the complexity of the advert and travel/accommodation costs!

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them: here

Alex has run several highly successful marketing campaigns for our restaurants in Romford and Ilford, he has also used his video clips to boost my website up in search rankings! We’re now ranking high on Page 1 for numerous search terms including the word caraway! Thank you!!!
Ramesh Jain

CEO, The Grand Hospitality Ltd

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