Tesco Boards

Literally At A Tesco Store Near You!

Tesco is one of the leading supermarket companies in the United Kingdom. Having over 3400 stores nationwide, Tesco has become a powerful supplier to the masses in this country. If you are considering running a Tesco Board campaign to boost awareness of your business, our contacts at Open Space Advertising can help! To get in contact, call them on: 0800 313 4046

Their team can organise a board to be put up at your local Tesco to help promote your brand and raise awareness of the services you provide to the hundreds of people passing the board every day. The boards are always put up in high traffic areas such as the entrances and exits of the stores, guaranteeing them a chance to be seen by every visitor who passes them. Tesco Boards have been extremely successful for businesses of all sizes, so if you’re looking for a fantastic physical method of advertising rather than a digital one, they are definitely worth considering!

Advertising for a full 12 months!!!

  • ¼ board – 424mm x 460mm – £1095
  • ½ board –  860mm x 460mm – £1795 – 1 x Clip frame
  • Full board – 860mm x 930mm – £3295 – Up to 3 x Clip frames and/or Leaflet dispenser

Advertising for 8 months on a Full Board

  • 8 months – 930mm x 860mm – £1795– Up to 3 x Clip frames and/or Leaflet dispenser

Advertising for 4 months on a Full Board

  • 4 months – 930mm x 860mm – £1020 – Up to 3 x Clip frames and/or Leaflet dispenser

All prices exclude VAT but include installation and maintenance of the boards. Tesco Board services are provided through Open Space Advertising and OSA Digital rather than through Fantasoft. Their team is happy to help with any queries and questions you might have! To Contact Open Space Advertising/OSA Digital regarding Tesco Boards, please use this contact form to get in touch!

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