Infinitrap – By Shadebob Games

Infinitrap: Ohio Jack and the Cup of Eternity is a classic Maze Survival game crafted by Shadebob Games. You play as the unwitting hero Ohio Jack in his never ending quest to acquire the Cup of Eternity, a prized, legendary artefact. You must battle through 40 levels of increasing difficulty and complexity playing as the second best treasure hunter in the world. The game is a challenging one, and once you step off the starting tile, there are many hazards designed to either slow you down or kill you! Be careful where you tread because your next step might be Jack’s last!


Infinitrap Classic is now available as a free game available on Windows, OSX and Linux. If you like the game or wish to support Shadebob Games, there is the option to donate on the download page.

To Download your copy of Infinitrap, Click: here