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Service: Facebook Page Admin
Price: £200.00 Monthly
Client: Small Businesses – Large Businesses
Description: One of our admins will manage your Facebook page providing three posts per week from your website, in your niche, or from materials which you send us. Our Facebook admin will need admin access to your Facebook business page. Our admin will optimise your business page if any work needs to be done. We will also talk you through getting your page verified on Facebook.

We will need to maintain weekly contact with you so we can provide a good service. Ideally we would like lots of photographs of your business, professionally taken with decent depth of field, so that we can promote your business properly and to the best of our ability. We also wish to post out offers to people so we will discuss some ideas with you for good offers which you can use to offer value, and get people in. This package includes £50.00 ad spend on page promotion. Communication is always best in Email form as it acts to protect both parties actions. This way everything is clearly laid out for everyone, and any queries can be answered quickly and concisely!

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Service: Facebook Ad Spend
Price: 10% of Ad Spend + £50.00 Set Up Fee
Client: Small Businesses – Large Businesses
Description: One of our team will set up a monthly advertising campaign on Facebook to promote your business. The set up fee will pay for our team member to pick a target audience specifically for your company. We will take 10% of ad spend to run the advert for you. We require at least an ad spend of £50.00 to make this process worthwhile. If you wish to make any adaptions to the service, this will cost £20.00 per set of amendments you wish to make to the advert. We cannot take responsibility for the outcome of the advert if you make amendments that are detrimental to your company’s success.

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Service: Facebook Page Set Up
Price: £50.00
Client: Small Businesses – Large Businesses
Description: One of our team will set up a Facebook Page for your company. We will set the page up professionally for you and link it back to all your information and website. Our team will require photographs from you, information about the company, a website if available and a contact call to find out what you need. One of our staff will talk you through through getting your page verified by Facebook. We would always recommend that customers set up their own pages as it is not a complicated process, and knowledge of Facebook can be vital to a company’s success.

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Working with a huge amount of clients on many different social media platforms, we have come to one conclusion. The best Social Media platform to advertise on has to be Facebook. Our Facebook Services are professional, practical solutions to companies who don’t always have time to manage their Social Media presence. Whilst we are capable of working with Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, we would rather offer services tailored to the Social Media we see as being the most effective in the world for the promotion of business.

Twitter can work for large companies, but for small businesses, it’s just not worth it. Instagram is a great website for photographs but we’ve found it to generally be a waste of time and Pinterest is also lacklustre. As Facebook is the most advanced marketing platform in the world, we are very happy to work with you in regards to all your Facebook needs. We want your company to be successful, and we’re not interested in hoodwinking you into services which we feel will not benefit your business.

Alex has been helping me for 4 years with social networking. It seems to be the best way these days to develop a business but I was lacking in experience and time to make good use of all the options. His input has helped greatly and surpassed my expectations. Alex took the trouble to meet with me and really get to know what I do and what’s behind it. Has been very efficient and helpful with networking. And has also generated original ideas and a press release. A real firework who knows his stuff and is great to have on your side. Alex was very professional and was able to answer all my questions. showed in-depth knowledge of Facebook in terms of how to improve my online presence. I would definitely recommend Alex to others should they need social media marketing help.

Giuseppe Buonocore

Owner, Miseria E Nobilta