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There are many different options when it comes to crafting your ideal website. We have experience working with many different web design platforms however we usually work with WordPress and Wix.

Our WordPress sites are sleek, fast and efficient. We can find the best quality hosting and pricing, to ensure that you are always in good hands. We recommend working with WordPress, it’s a tried and tested content management system, highly reliable and open source. Whilst it can be a little complicated at times to get the exact effects you might want, WordPress can deliver stunning, professional websites and is used worldwide by businesses of all sizes. We recommend choosing WordPress for your website for it’s reliability, functionality and portability when it comes to hosting providers. Our website is build in WordPress using Divi from Elegant Themes.

Wix is a hard one: Whilst we are very capable of building a Wix website ourselves and know the program building software ourselves, we highly recommend that people have a look at building a Wix site themselves. The design tools on Wix are simple to use and you can easily create the website that’s right for you. Wix has great functionality at times, however it’s prone to the occasional bugs and the system can only remain on the Wix platform which can be a problem for some people. Wix can also be highly expensive and come with hidden costs. We are happy to design websites in Wix, but always recommend customers have a look at the platform first!

When building a website the cost will vary depending on the complexity of what you want us to design. We like the “Cheap, Fast, Good” rule where you can pick two of the variables, so if it’s Cheap and the service is Fast, it won’t be Good, Or Good and Cheap, the service won’t be fast… At Fantasoft, our pricing takes all three of these things into account, however we believe that our service will give you a Good website, Quickly, at excellent value, where we put into practise everything required to make sure that your website will not just be functional and efficient but it will have all the best practises in place to ensure that it stands out on the search engines. We throw in all of our best onsite SEO techniques as part of our deal with you.

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Working on your Website

If you had a previous designer building your website and they stopped or things didn’t work out for some reason, we are happy to pick up where they left off, getting your website up to speed and fixing issues with it. Whilst most of our experience is with WordPress and Wix, we have experience working with Moonfruit, Concrete5 and access to outside sources who specialise in Magento.

We are happy to take a look at your Website and depending on the platform, we will either try to help or recommend a designer who can. At Fantasoft, we believe in providing the best service we can at the best prices possible and we would rather our clients and customers got a high quality service even if it means we don’t make any money ourselves.

If you need help with your website, we are happy to try and help you! Contact us: here!

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