Helix Lite

Helix Lite

Helix Lite is the lite version of my powerful Helix Networking Software. As a lite version it is significantly less powerful than my full version. I designed Helix Lite to operate outside of Business Clips. I wanted Helix Lite to have the flexibility and usefulness of Helix but to have a few significant differences. When creating the software I realised that I had to not only distance it from Business Clips but make it so the software would benefit separate channels on YouTube, rather than one powerful channel.

Helix Lite operates in a similar way to Helix. Once a video is uploaded to a decided upon YouTube channel, it goes out onto a selected IFTTT engine. The IFTTT account shares the videos out and embeds them in multiple locations. By sharing them out to locations Helix Lite is aware of, Helix Lite can register the locations and ping them so that Google will know to crawl them.

I designed Helix Lite to work differently to how Helix works with Business Clips. Business Clips operates on the idea that the more people involved, the more powerful the service. Helix Lite links all the videos uploaded to specific YouTube channels together in a similar way. The Lite software is significantly less powerful than the full version as it mainly focuses on a channel by channel bonding process.

The Benefits of Helix Lite

Customers who upload a lot of content however will benefit massively from Helix Lite. It works in the same way as Helix when it comes to views on videos being beneficial to the process. If the videos are getting seen a lot and the channel does well naturally, Helix Lite only benefits you.

Helix Lite locates all the places on the internet where these selected videos are posted and pings them, letting Google know to crawl their locations. As with my Helix software it tracks everything using an invisible tagging code. I have encoded all of the data on the Helix Lite internal index so I cannot read it. Like my Helix Networking Software I have encoded it in this way to deal with any issues from GDPR or similar future laws.

If you’re interested in reading up on the full Helix Networking Software, click: here!

How do I use Helix Lite?

I use Helix Lite with my IFTTT Services. The software gives me a unique angle to sell my services to different business owners. As I am the only person who has access to it and knows how it functions, I can offer a unique benefit to my service no other SEO specialist can offer.

I genuinely want to help small businesses with my marketing knowledge and software. I know that I could charge a lot more for the services I provide, but not everyone can afford this kind of money. It’s my aim to help as many people as possible and for a reasonable price.

If you’re interested in getting in touch with me, feel free to contact me: here, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!