One of the most important things you can do in business is to forge alliances with friends and other people in your field. Recently we have started working with Grow Your Restaurant LTD, and for good reason! When I first started out in business, the owner, Gary Hickman taught me a lot about marketing as I worked for him at Open Space Advertising in Wivenhoe. We had some amazing times in the office, and Gary’s cool head and marketing acumen did much to temper my own more chaotic methods. With him wishing to move forwards working with restaurants and my main focus being on the same thing, joining forces and working together and sharing resources can only lead to benefit for both of our companies.

Recently I started Ramro Synergy with a focus on business synergy and cooperation, which usually works wonders when it comes to companies supporting each other online with SEO and with social media, and an alliance with Grow Your Restaurant LTD will help support and empower both our businesses. The combination of our experience and different techniques, abilities and tools will hugely benefit both of us!

I have a long standing friendship with DragonTech IT Services in the US, who have helped me a lot with my IT issues and in return, I have provided exceptional quality SEO services to help boost the power of his site. In only a few months, we had benefited hugely from working together! I also have a wonderful friendship with Dug Stokes of who is without doubt one of the smartest developers I’ve ever met and hosts this website. Slightly outside of my field, I also am good friends of Giuseppe of Miseria E Nobilta, one of the best Italian Restaurants in Colchester, who I have helped with many things ranging from marketing advice to working in the kitchen!

The statement together we stand, divided we fall is a beautiful one, but every person who is and has remained a part of the Fantasoft family is strong on their own. Together, we’re just stronger. As I work on new ways to work with people and increase our combined potential, I also look to better the services I can give to my customers.